About active entertainment

We are a two-family owned enterprise that wants to get people moving in a fun and active way. We believe that activities should be easy to try and start, but hard to master.

A brief description of Active Entertainment

Active Entertainment owns and operates various leisure activities (currently) in Finland. We are family-owned business with ambition and attitude to grow. We are hard-working but friendly and we are constantly looking for new ideas and activities.

Our vision is to become a dominant player in the active entertainment sector in Scandinavia and the Baltics by 2030.

Our purpose, values and strategy

We do this to get people moving in a fun and active way. We aim to be a dominant player in the field of active entertainment in Scandinavia and the Baltics by 2030

Our history

We started our journey in 2015 with the first Irti Maasta center in Tampere. The planning had started in 2014 with various business plans and proposals.
  • A lot of work refining the concept and searching for potential locations
  • irti Maasta Tampere
  • Irti Maasta Raisio
  • Irti Maasta Pori
  • Luolaseikkailu v1.0 (Pori)
  • Irti Maasta Helsinki
  • Luolaseikkailu v2.0 (Tampere)
  • Kiipeilyseikkailu Pori
  • Laserareena Espoo
  • Pomppulinnapark Helsinki
  • Brygan kesäpiha
  • Pomppulinnapark Mylly
  • Pomppulinnapark Pori
  • Korkee Mustikkamaa
  • Korkee Paloheinä

What kind of role will you play in our future?

Our mission

We do this to get people moving in a fun and active way.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to make sure we have the right people in the right places who know what to do to offer our customers the best experiences possible.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a dominant player in the active entertainment sector in Scandinavia and the Baltics by 2030.

The entrepreneurs

Aleksi Mattila

Aleksi has background in the leisure industry since he was a teenager. He has worked in various companies in the leisure industry.

In his spare time he is traveling with his family, climbing, or training with his german shepherd dog.

Perttu Vänttinen
Perttu can fix anything, anywhere and anytime. The true McGyver of our ages. His background includes professional audio and video equipment and he has deep knowledge of B2B and B2C sales, both online and in physical locations.
If Perttu is not working, he’s fishing, sailing, or in general somewhere outdoor.

Our People

Active Entertainment is a family-owned enterprise, but without our team we wouldn’t be nothing.

We believe in the ability of people to grow and learn new things. We pride ourselves in coaching our team and giving the responsibilities that help them grow both professionally and personally. 

Our values

We base our work on the four principles of customer focus, community, bravery and safety.

Customer focus

The customer is the one that ultimately pays our salaries. We treat each customer with respect and good manners, and do what it takes to get the customer feel good about the visit


We work in teams. It is the responsibility of everyone in our team to uphold our standards and make sure that the workplace environment is fun, safe and enjoyable for every single one of us.


We must be brave in trying new things. To boldly go where we haven’t gone before. Bravery can also mean to ask questions and guidance without hesitation and to offer services and products to our customers.


Safety is paramount. Every one of us must be trained and know how to operate the various equipment. We need to trust our colleagues to know the processes and methods.

Irti Maasta by numbers

Here’s just a quick glimpse of what we’ve done over the years.

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What Our Customers and Clients Say

Some comments from our customers and partners.

Our brands

We have multiple brands that target a range of audiences and segments both indoors and outdoors.

Irti Maasta