Kumilaatta started almost by accident. We have been using rubber tiles for our own companies and projects for over 5 years, and at some point people started asking if they could purchase these products for themselves as well.

What this is about?

We found out that there was an existing market that was not being addressed properly, which is why we started Kumilaatta, a company that focuses on selling the best quality rubber tiles for various projects.

We have been using these products for over 5 years in more than 10 different locations and we know that they are good. Otherwise we wouldn’t be selling them.

Where Can You find these?

Our products are used around Finland in our own sites as well as at the sites of a number of private customers.

I’m interested. Where can I use this?

These tiles are fantastic for almost any use, indoor and outdoor. See our website for more information about applications and specifications.

What does this require?

The tiles can be installed by anyone and does not require any special equipment.

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Kumilaatta gallery

Below are some images of the product in various locations.

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What Our Client Says

Some comments from our customers.