Because jumping is just so much fun

What this is about?

Pomppulinnapark is full of inflatables, bouncy castles, climbing walls for small children, trampoline and various games and activities for smaller children.


Pomppulinnapark is especially popular among smaller children and as a location for birthday parties and private events.

Where we operate?

Pomppulinnapark can currently be found in REDI, Helsinki.

We’ve also operated Pomppulinnapark as a pop-up concept in various locations around Finland.

I’m interested. What are the requirements for this?

The space requirements for Pomppulinnapark are around 500 sq.m of space with at least 300 sq.m. area with free height of 4 meters or more.

What do you require?

We can operate Pomppulinnapark for longer periods or as a pop-up concept for shorter periods, depending on the location and interests. Please contact us for more information.

Pomppulinnapark links

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Pomppulinnapark gallery

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What Our Customers Say​

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Pomppulinnapark partners

We work in close cooperation with various organizations, but currently we do not have any named brand partners. Contact us if you are interested in working with us.