Our brands

We own and operate a number of active entertainment brands that have one thing in common. They are all easy to try and visit, but provide fun and excitement for multiple visits. Our offerings are suitable for any age group, but some activities are better suited for some age groups than others.

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We are a partner with KLL (Koululiikuntaliitto) and OLL (Opiskelijoiden liikuntaliitto), and offer various discounts for school groups (from preschool to highschool) and universities.

We invest, own and operate all of our brands.

Irti Maasta

We brought the concept of fun climbing to Scandinavia in 2015 with the opening of our first site in Tullintori, Tampere.


Korkee is a high ropes course with two locations in Helsinki.


Laserareena is a laser tag activity in Iso Omena, Espoo.


Pomppulinnapark started as a pop-up concept, but quickly established itself as a prime location for younger children


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Kumilaatta started almost by accident. We have been using rubber tiles for our own companies and projects for over 5 years, and at some point people started asking if they could purchase these products for themselves as well.